Smart Outdoor was founded in 2018 with the goal of enhancing the safety and overall experience of biking, hiking, and mixed use trails throughout the county.

Smart Outdoor provides decorative and informative signage and mile markers which blends into the natural outdoor environment. We use the latest smart phone technology to provides users with access local regulations, events, local business (eateries, shops, cafe’s, etc.) and restrooms.

All mile markers are GPS placed and connect to the CAD 911 system to ensure that anyone needing assistance can ensure their location can be identified by local first responders.

In addition to signage, Smart Outdoor also provides sponsorship opportunities for local business to promote their business on trailheads, mile markers, and the Smart Outdoor App. This sponsorship will drive trail goers to local businesses along the trail route. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities with Smart Outdoor, please contact us